TRP and visa

Tartu Student Village has the obligation to collect visa and TRP information of our tenants.

The home page of the Police and Border Guard Board.


  • Show your visa/TRP when taking your keys!

When getting your keys to move into the student residence, have your visa or TRP ready. We need to register the info into our system. If you do not have either yet, then we need the date when you entered into the Schengen area.

  • Updating your visa/TRP info!

When your visa/TRP information is missing our outdated in our system, then we will send you an automatic notification. Please make sure to keep the information updated! You can either go to the reception at Raatuse 22 to update the information or you can e-mail us a photo of your visa/TRP at

You can see your visa information in the E-kyla system under your contract information.

  • Using your TRP for E-kyla login or digital signing

Having a TRP means you have the possibility to sign into the E-kyla system without the username and password. Digital signing is also possible with a TRP. All you need is an ID-card reader. More information and instructions are available HERE.