• The payment date for the invoices is the 24th of each month. In case of delayed payment, the Student Village has the right to charge a late payment interest of 0.02% per day.
  • Invoices can be paid via bank transfer using the bank information on your invoice or in cash.
  • When making a bank transfer, write the number of the invoice on the details line and write the reference number on the reference number line. If the reference number is missing, the amount paid will be transferred back to the bank account of the payer. If the reference number is incorrect, the amount paid will not reach the right contract.
  • Reference numbers will only change in connection with signing a new residential agreement after moving. If someone else pays your invoices, please inform the payer of the new reference number after your moving.
  • It is possible to make a prepayment for rent invoices. That can be done by using the usual reference number for your invoices. Prepayment is marked with a minus “-” sign on the invoice.

Sample invoice

Please note that the last line of the invoice is calculated using client based calculation. If you have been issued several invoices, the amount on the last line of the invoice is the sum of all invoices for all contracts.