Changing the residential agreement

The tenant has the opportunity to change their room rate (one place in a twin room/twin room in single use). If you would like to rent the whole twin room alone when your roommate moves out, then you need to e-mail us at Renting the whole room requires paying additional deposit money.

If you want to stop renting the whole room and only rent one place in a twin room then you also need to e-mail us at Half of the deposit money will be used as prepayment for rent invoices.

Tenants who rent a twin room in single use have the opportunity to add a co-tenant to their contract. The co-tenant will not have their own contract, but they are marked down as a co-tenant on the main tenant’s contract. The co-tenant will have their own set of keys.

NB! If the co-tenant is of the opposite gender, then we need consent e-mails from your flat mates that they agree to a co-tenant of the opposite gender.

You can let us know about wanting to add a co-tenant to your contract by e-mailing us at We need the co-tenants full name, date of birth, e-mail or phone number, citizenship and a photo of their visa or TRP.

After the co-tenant is added to the contract, it needs to be signed again.