All the student residences have either an open or a locked postbox. The keys to locked postboxes are issued at the Raatuse 22 student residence. (Viljandi and Narva tenants can ask the postbox keys from the hall manager.)

Letters, newspapers and periodicals are delivered to the postboxes. Bigger parcels need to be picked up from the post office. The post office will send you a notification either via email or by delivering a parcel notice to your postbox.

When ordering parcels or periodicals, make sure to write your room number by the address as well. Otherwise it will not reach you. When moving out of the student residence, please make sure to change your address (banks, periodicals, online stores).

The employees of Tartu Student Village do not accept parcels delivered by a courier which need to be signed for. If the tenant is not in the residential hall at the time the parcel arrives, the tenant must authorize one of their acquaintances to receive the parcel.