Signing the residential agreement for the next accommodation period

All residential agreements are signed for one accommodation period – beginning of July until the end of June.

The request to sign a residential agreement for the new accommodation period must be submitted through E-kyla. (You can log in to E-kyla with an ID card, TRP or user ID and password. If you forget them, you must generate new ones.)

Before signing a new residential agreement, please review the rental prices valid from 01.07.2024.

Open your contract details in E-kyla. There you will find the “New contract” button. By pressing the button, you have expressed to us your wish to sign a residential agreement for the next accommodation period. A new agreement will be prepared for signing. If it turns out that we have additional questions, we will contact you in advance.

NB! Please be patient as this period is very busy and preparing the agreements may take longer than usual. If you have submitted your request, then it is in the queue (which you can see yourself in E-kyla).

In priority, we will sign residential agreements with tenants who:

  • are students of the University of Tartu, University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy or the University of Tartu Narva College and will continue their studies in the autumn of 2024.
  • have not breached the agreement or violated the internal rules and have not been in debt or delayed paying the rent,
  • have no debt to MTÜ Tartu Üliõpilasküla
  • have updated their visa and TRP information.

Please submit the request to sign a contract for the new accommodation period no later than 31.05.2024. We will be signing residential agreements until 30.06.2024.